The All Ports Open Network

The All Ports Open Network is a website and series of podcasts dedicated to coming together over the joy of playing games. While we are founded by a group of people who identify as Christian, we are open and welcoming to all voices, all perspectives, and all methods of engagement.


Blaine Martin

Founder/Executive Producer

Blaine Martin is a published poet, has taught poetry, and is the host and GM of the podcast Refugees of Esmerelda. You can find Blaine on the PDP-10 podcast as well!

Father Ben Wallis

Founder/Executive Producer

The Reverend Ben Wallis is an Episcopal Priest, father to 3 children, and a world reknowned rock piccolo player. He, along with his wife, Mel, is the host of Pod of Love. You can also find him on No Avatars Allowed, Refugees of Esmerelda, and the PDP-10 podcast.


Founder/Executive Producer/Webmaster

Professor Joshua Wise is a teacher of Systematic Theology, editor of the book Past the Sky's Rim: The Elder Scrolls and Theology. Previously he wrote and produced The Adventures of Lord Dinby Whitherspoon, Duke of Space. He is one of the hosts of No Avatars Allowed and the PDP-10 podcast. You can also hear him on Refugees of Esmerelda.

Emily Schuster

Senior Podcast Cohost

Emily Schuster is a glorified event planner by daylight and a wannabe philosopher by moonlight. She's a self-proclaimed "jack of all trades," and she thinks she's funny. Her best quality is surely her humility. You can find her bad jokes and opinions over on No Avatars Allowed.

Melissa Wallis

Senior Podcast Cohost

Mel is a podcasting badass who can be heard on Pod of Love.

Hayley Sharpe

Podcast Cohost

Hayley is a frequent contributor to Refugees of Esmerelda and the upcoming APON Plays Podcast!

Chris Zumski

Podcast Cohost

Chris is a frequent contributor to Refugees of Esmerelda and the upcoming APON Plays Podcast!

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