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Episode 72: A Wedding Under the Stars

Nov 27, 2019

Nick and Florence introduced us to Charity, they kicked off season two, we journeyed with them from high school, through college, into adulthood, and now it is finally the big day as we say goodbye to them for now on the show and they finally tie the knot with a wedding under the stars. You won't want to miss this grand finale to the Nick and Flo storyline. We also have an epic commercial from Charity, and another segment from the Maine Event with Chad Oxford. We hope you will enjoy. Come back next week as we do something new! The next arc will be our most ambitious yet and you will not want to miss it. Our theme song is by Joe Marston. This episode was written and produced by Ben and Melissa Wallis, and Shawn Delp. Thanks to Chris Szumski for appearing on this episode.

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    11/26/2019 7:08 PM
    Posted by: Ben

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