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The Padre Review

By Chris Szumski

Developer: Shotgun With Glitters

The Padre is a loving homage to point and click adventures with enough pop culture nods that Deadpool would approve. From the unique voxel graphics to the well composed and eerie music The Padre sets an atmosphere of horror that permeates the game.  The gameplay takes its beats whether for good or ill from its predecessors with a mix of light combat and varied puzzle solving.

The plot is basic which is a refreshing change of pace, especially compared to some of the convoluted plots many games use nowadays. What Developer Shotgun with Glitters does to make The Padre stand out is cram as many pop culture references in their game as humanly possible.  An example very early in the game is your first weapon: a crowbar nicknamed “Gordon,” a nod to the Half-Life franchises hero Gordon Freeman. In that same room where you pick up Gordon you encounter your first foes: two spiders, which sound exactly like the “Headcrab” enemy you run into in the aforementioned franchise. After killing the two spiders the titular Padre states “That we may have to wait forever for the third spider.” Which is yet another reference to Half-Life and that its third installment will never come out. This all happens in the same room within five minutes of the game starting.

The voxel graphics hit a unique balance of rough but detailed visuals that do a surprisingly good job of portraying a gritty gothic setting.  This is only enhanced by ominous piano music and the overly gruff voice acting used for the main character, which I personally never got tired of. These factors all help drive the game forward. The gameplay though can sometimes hamper you through some wonky camera angles and puzzles that make you want to smash your head through a wall.  The first puzzle you need a doll but for whatever reason that item did not stand out to me and made me wonder if I am in fact as smart as I think I am.  My advice with the puzzles is search everywhere and click on everything because if you are stuck you may have just missed something obvious.

If you have made it this far, I would tell you to pick up The Padre.  It was a game built for fans by fans of the genre of gaming, horror, and all things pop cultured. Even though I wanted to smack my forehead in frustration at some of the puzzles and strangle the camera with my bare hands, I had an ultimately satisfying experience and would recommend this game.

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    4/24/2019 3:57 PM
    Posted by: Joshua

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