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Weird Kids Wanted
A literary and social criticism podcast for alternative individuals who are tired of their cultural experiences being curated by normies for normies.
Episode 11: Speculative Fiction Panel LIVE from a Novel Idea Bookstore
Nov 14, 2019

Featuring Jon McGoran, M Tellez, and David Otter, and hosted by us, this speculative fiction panel was the liveliest, nerdiest, best conversation among writers that I've had in a long time. Listen to it if you're a spec fic writer, if you love spec fic, if you're a huge nerd, if you want to disrupt the literary hierarchy, or if you just want to listen in on an hour and a half of rambling.

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Episode 10: Queer Representation Part 2- Kill Your Queers
Oct 24, 2019

Though all of our episodes explore difficult subject matter, this episode is definitely our saddest and most somber. It is the second part of our two part series on queer representation and focuses on the tropes surrounding queer death and suffering. Listener discretion is advised. What are your opinions on this harmful trope? Are there places where you've seen it appear that we've missed? We also pump the show Unhhhh, Orange World by Karen Russell, and the work of artist Sam Levson. Upcoming Events: Nov. 1st- Scary Storytelling Competition at Head and the Hand Bookstore at 7:30 Nov. 9th- Speculative Fiction Panel at A Novel Idea at 5:30

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Episode 8: Philly Zines LIVE at Night of Microtomes and Sequential Salami Zinefest
Sep 12, 2019

This episode was recorded at our first ever live performance at the Night of Microtomes and Sequential Salami Zinefest at Fireball Printing! It focuses on the Philly zine scene, a strange, diverse community of weirdos who are creating, publishing, and sharing their own independent magazines, comics, and books.

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Episode 6: The 90’s and Early 2000’s Nostalgia Episode
Aug 07, 2019

The 90's and early 2000's were the weirdest, funnest time to be a kid, and it's hard to not feel nostalgia towards them. In this episode, we analyze all the shows we loved as kids, through an nerdy adult perspective.

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Episode 5: The Sobriety Episode
Jul 23, 2019

Episode 5 analyzes addiction, recovery, and sobriety in books and film.

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Episode 3: Jane Eyre’s Guide to Taking Down Fuckboyz
Jul 19, 2019

In the third episode of Weird Kids Wanted, we discuss how Jane Eyre taught us to take down fuckboys, medical gas lighting, and new work by Chavisa Woods and Caren Beilin

Episode 4: Manic Pixie Dream Girlzzzzz
Jul 12, 2019

In Episode 4 of Weird Kids Wanted, we discuss the manic pixie dream girl trope, a blight on the dating lives and mental health of all weird girls. We might even call out your problematic fave book or movie!

Episode 2: Neuro-Divergence in Books and FIlm
Jun 19, 2019

In this episode of Weird Kids Wanted, Miyuki and Zoe review books and movies that discuss bipolar disorder and autism. They analyze how these texts and films influenced their understanding, and our culture's understanding, of neurodivergence.

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