The All Ports Open Network is a collaboration of creative people who think deeply about play and the world around them. We make podcasts, videos, and games for people to both enjoy and engage with. APON was founded as a place where people of all worldviews, beliefs, and identities could enjoy and contemplate what it means to play together.

Founded by an Episcopal Priest, a poet, and a theologian, APON has grown to encompass dozens of performers, gamers, and deep thinkers who come together over their love of play. Whatever your beliefs, however you identify, whoever you are, we believe we can find common ground in this divine act of playing together.

We also know that we are all on a tough and hopefully enlightening journey. Everyone walks a hard road. Everyone fights battles others don’t see. APON is a place for everyone, no matter what stumbles they’ve made, or what burdens they carry. We’re not always going to get along, and we’re not interested in fostering toxicity among us, but we want to keep our doors open to literally anyone who wants to play together in good faith, mutually respecting each other person in what Johan Huizinga called “the Magic Circle.”

It is our sincere hope that playing in this way together will bring that spirit into the world beyond that magic circle. And if we’re very lucky, we will make that circle of magic just a little bigger.
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