Rage 2: A Summer Blockbuster

By zumski11
Do you want a video game that reminds you of a summer action blockbuster movie? Then you want Rage 2 published by Bethesda, developed by Avalanche Studio in conjunction with Id Software.  This is a great shooterwith a generic story, gorgeous graphics, and a huge but sadly empty open world.


Shooting is the strength of this game; the controls are easy to pick up. They continue to give you more options for mayhem and it never gets old.  Gone are the tight corridors and linear pathsof the original Rage, now we get more open areas for interesting and in-depth boss fights.  All of these things arethen turned up to eleven when you engage the Overdrive system and you enter a slow-motion(possible seizure inducing) mode, were your already superhuman abilities get a shot of adrenaline.


The graphics for Rage 2 bring the world to life with intricate detail (at least on PC).  Sadly, this fidelity will make you realize that this large open world is empty and devoid of the depth of character that a Borderlands game does much better. This lack is most apparent in the by the numbers story that does nothing new or interesting to draw you along.


You put all these differing pieces together and you get a Michael Bay style video game that is entertaining but missing the complexity to make it a masterwork.  So, for this game I recommend you grab your Code Red Mountain Dew, Cool Ranch Doritos and enjoy some mindless fun.