An Actual Play podcast where we play many different kinds of RPGs.
108: Root 13 - The End
107: We're getting the band back together
106: Root 11- "I Volunteer as Tribute!"
105: Root 10- Family Reunion
104: Root 9- Root Goes Les Miserables
103: Root 8: When Foxes Fly
102: Root 7- Best Laid Plans...
101: Root 6- Of Mice and Men(aces)
100: Root 5- Splitting up the Gang
99: Root 4-Rabbits, Rules, and Murder, Oh My
98: Root 3- Stabby McStabStab
97: Root 2- Riddle Me This
96: Root 1 - Meet the Vagrants
95: Vaesen 12 - Riddles
94: Vaesen 11 - Into Darkness
Ep 93: Vaesen 10 - A Tense Negotiation
92: Vaesen 9 - Thorstein
Ep 91: Vaesen 8 - The Council
90: Vaesen 7 - A Comfortable Train Ride
89: Vaesn 6 - Research
88: Vasen 5 - Torgen
87: Vaesen 4 - The Johannsen Home
86: Vasen 3 - A Flat House
85: Vaesen 2 - The Office
84: Vaesen 1 - The Priest's Cell
83: The Forge of Fortitude Issue 9
Episode 82: Masks the Forge of Fortitude Issue 8
Episode 81: Masks the Forge of Fortitude Issue 7
Episode 80: Masks the Forge of Fortitude Issue 6
Episode 79: Masks the Forge of Fortitude Issue 5
Episode 78: Masks the Forge of Fortitude Issue Four
Episode 77: Masks: the Forge of Fortitude Issue Three
Ep 76 - Masks: The Forge of Fortitude #2
Episode 75: Masks the Forge of Fortitude Issue One
Ep 74: Welcome to Barovia
Ep 73: Death House Part 6
Ep 72: The Death House Part V
Episode 71: The Death House 4
Episode 70: Death House 3
Episode 69: The Death House Part 2
Episode 68: The Death House Part 1
Episode 67: The Tavern
Episode 66: Curse of Strahd Character Creation
Episode 65: The End
Ep 64: Flare Gun
Episode 63: Catholic Church
Episode 62: ACAV
Ep 61: The Tall Man
Feed Drop Episode 1: A Merry Christmas
Ep 60: Toward Danger
Episode 59: The Falling Star that Fell
Ep 58: Smoke Town
Ep 57: Cyber-War
Ep 56: Mouth Snacks
Ep 55: Splitting Up
Ep 54: Cyber-Whoa!
Ep 53: Night Market
Ep 52: Cyberpunk Apartment
Ep 51: Wet T-Shirt Contest
Episode 50: Beach Fight
Episode 49: Musrhoom Pizza
Episode 48: The Back of the Truck
Episode 47: Creation Complete!
TWDOYL: Episode 3 - Skills
The Worst Days of Your Life 2: More Character Creation
TWDOYL 1: A New System
Deadlands 9: The Revelation
Deadlands 9: The Revelation
Deadlands 8: The Heart of the Matter
Deadlands 7: A Familiar Spirit
Deadlands 6: Seeking Whom He May Devour
Deadlands Episode 5: The Adversary Walketh About
Deadlands Episode 4: Talking in a Bar
Deadlands Episode 3: Shoot First, Ask Questions Later
APON Plays Deadlands Ep 2: Not a Posse
APON PLAYS Deadlands Episode 1: Desolation Water
APON Plays - The Witcher Part 7: The Shepherd
The Witcher Part 6 - Archwich Manor
Episode 32: The Hamlet
Episode 31: The Crossroads
Episode 30: Reunion in Queensport
Episode 29: Journey to Queensport
Episode 28: The Witcher
Episode 27: The Great Debate
Episode 26: Caldermoot
Episode 25: The Shoe Pageant
Episode 24: Business Plan
Episode 23: Dirty Feet
Episode 22: The True Love Tree
Episode 21: A Chamberpot
Episode 20: Selbin's Slim Shots
Episode 19: The Facility
Episode 18: Inconsistencies
Episode 17: Invasion!
Episode 16: On Our Own
Episode 15: Bo Derek
Episode 14: The Hunt
Episode 13: The Exposition Strikes Back
Episode 12: All My Poor NPCs
Episode 11: Long Arms
Episode 10: Alien - The Deepest of Space
Episode 9: Alien RPG Preview
Episode 8: Fistbump
Episode 7: The Cave Rave
Episode 6: The Outpost
Episode 5: So Much Loot!
Episode 4: Bad Decisions
Episode 3: Dodge the Planet
Episode 2: Punch it, Rand!
Episode 1: Character Creation
Episode 0: The Teaser
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We play Free League's amazing Nordic Horror game Vaesen.
Curse of Strahd
Chris Szumski leads Michael Morris, Meghan Martin, and Shannon Spangler into dread and adventure. It's the backdoor pilot of Bards & Bourbon!
APON Plays Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart
Matt Byrne, Meghan Martin, Janelle Meghan, and Shannon Spangler join Joshua Wise as they venture into the world of Cyberpunk and Night city.
APON Plays The Worst Days
Meghan Martin, Shannon Spangler, Chris Szumski, and Ben Wallis join Joshua Wise as they try out a new horror TTRPG system.
APON Plays The Witcher
Chris Szumski leads a group of adventurers in the world of the Witcher
APON Plays D&D: The Mouldering King
Shannon Spangler, Meghan Martin, and Ben Wallis turn D&D into a strange, funny, non-vanilla adventure
APON Plays Tales from the Loop
Blaine Martin Guest GM's for a game of Tales from the Loop
APON Plays Alien RPG
Chris Szumski leads a group of space truckers in Free League's Alien RPG jumpstart adventure.
APON Plays Star Wars 1
Our Actual Play Series kicks off with a West End Games Star Wars Adventure!
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