We talk about film (or movies if that's your thing), we chit, we chat, we go off on tangents and we even have our very own rating system (patent pending and now totally defunct!). But enough about that. On with the show!
Ep 135: Good Omens or "To The World!"
Ep 134: Hook or BANGARANG!!!
The Matrix Resurrections or "R3B00T Time!"
Ep 132: Safe House
Ep 131: Knives Out
Ep 130: Free Guy or Meta Before Its Time
Ep 129: Psycho Goreman or Not My Hunky Boys!
Ep 128: Space Sweepers
Ep 127: Pixar ft. Defining Disney
Ep 126: The Losers or: It Makes No Sense, But Yes!
Ep 125: Shadow In The Cloud or: Something On The Wing!
BlokeBusters Star Wars Holiday Special ft Mike, B-Rob & Adal!
Ep 124: Tenet or: :ɿo Tɘnɘt :421 qƎ
Star Wars: The Wrong Order - Return Of The Jedi
Star Wars: The Wrong Order - The Empire Strikes Back
Is This A New Network I See APON Thy Show?
Ep 123: Heathers or: Meghans
Star Wars: The Wrong Order - A New Hope
Ep 122: Bill & Ted Face The Music or Wyld Stallyns Ride Again!
Ep 121.5: Beneath The Fallek
Ep 121: Telephone Dietingft. Mike Fallek
Ep 120: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World or Paul & B-Rob Get A Life!
The Unofficial Official Non-Academy Awards Awards 2020!
Ep 119: Jay & Silent Bob Reboot or Snootchie Bootchies!
Ep 118: El Camino or Gone In 7320 Seconds
BlokeBusters Special: Roll Initiative!
Ep 117: Avengers Endgame or ...cker! (The End Of An Era)
Ep 116: Battle Angel Alita or Alita Battle Angel or Alita?
Ep 115: Polar or: Not A Bear In Sight...
BlokeBusters Pre-Game: Endgame Discussion
Ep 83c: ASOUE Season 3 or: All Roads Lead To The End
Ep 114: Into The Spiderverse or: Stop Pointing At Me!!!
Ep 113: I Kill Giants or: Was Liam Neeson In This Too?
Stan Lee Tribute With Pat & Honour Knight
Baka-Busters Ep 3: RWBY Retrospective
Ep 112: Covadonga Interview With Sean Hartofiis
BlokeBusters Rewind: Beach Pillows Director Interview!
Ep 111: Mute or: Wait, That's No Moon!
Ep 110: Soapdish or: Wow, What A Cast!!
Baka-Busters Ep 2: Anime As Art
Film Spotlight With... Best Darn Diddly
Ep 109: V For Vendetta or Veni Vidi Circumspexi
Filmily Fortunes Episode 1: Paul's New Hosting Gig
Ep 108: Deadpool 2 or: The Cable Guy Got Buff!!
Baka-Busters Ep 1: What Is Anime?
Ep 107: Infinity War or: Motherfu..........
Ep 106: Director's Cut or: IT'S LIKE THEY'RE HUNTING HUMANS!!!
Ep 83 B: A Series Of Unfortunate Events S2 ft. B-Rob
Ep 105: Valerian or: The Film Of A Thousand Problems
Ep 104: The Girl With All The Gifts or: A Fun Fungal Gal!
Ep 103: Ready Player One or: Your Childhood Dream Come True?
Ep 102: Blade Runner 2049 or: Add A Little Joi In Your Life
Film Spotlight With... Jacquelyn Landgraf
Ep 101: Black Panther or: WAKANDA FOREVER!!!
Ep 100: Episode 100! or: Thank You Guys For Listening!
Ep 80d: Black Mirror S4 (Part 2)
Ep 80c: Black Mirror S4 (Part 1)
Film Spotlight With... Ed Bachta
Film Spotlight With... Alex Hawkins
Film Spotlight With... Adal Rifai
Film Spotlight With... Sara Polton
Film Spotlight With... Jacob Haller
Ep 83: A Series Of Unfortunate Events or: It's The COOOUNT!!!
Film Spotlight With... Jon Bailey
Film Spotlight With... Heather Miles
Ep 80b: Black Mirror Season 3
Ep 80a: Black Mirror S1 + 2
Film Spotlight With... Toaden K
Film Spotlight With... Nora Crest
Film Spotlight With... B. Rob
Film Spotlight With... Jackson Murphy
Film Spotlight With... Kealeen Griffin
Film Spotlight With... Bubbawheat
Film Spotlight With... Stephen Ryan
Film Spotlight With... Honor Knight
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Star Wars: The Wrong Order
Paul & Co take a first look at the Star Wars Original Trilogy. Yes, Paul had never watched it before now. Yes, he has seen every other film in the franchise. No, not the cartoon ones. Anyway, listen in as he goes through the trilogy that started an empire!
A Netflix Series Of Unfortunate Events
The BlokeBusters & B-Rob decided to review a very fortunate series from Netflix. Sorry, a very Unfortunate series from Netflix. There's a Count, there's some acting and there's some VERY good writing. Listen in as they go through each season to fill you all in on those poor Baudelaires!
Paul & Co discuss Anime and all things connected to said media!
Film Spotlight
A series where people come on to discuss a film they love, a film they REALLY don't and also we learn a few things along the way!
BB: Black Mirror Reviews
Paul & Co help to review Black Mirror!
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