Join Meghan and Janelle as they talk creativity and interview creators
Ep:36- Realistic Dreamers w/Heather Martin
Ep 35: Casual Philosophy
Ep 34:Comedy&Mental Health w/ Tristan Miller
Ep 33: DIY Spirtuality
Ep 32: *Feed Drop* Root on APON PLAYs
Ep 30: The Charming-est Charming Disaster
Ep29: Bonus Episode-Meet Meghan's Sister
Ep28: VanGogh, UCB, French, and Preteens
"Likeable" vs "Loveable" & The Art of Sleep
Ep 26: Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone
Ep:25 Comics with Will Radford
Ep 24: Music in the Air with LRK
Ep23: Doormat Therapy with Ivy Tobin
Ep22: Burlesque 101 with Vixen Deville
Ep 21: Game Design 101 with Matthew Foster
Ep 20: Owning Your Bad 101 with Razzie Awards Founder John Wilson
Ep 19 *BONUS* Avatar the Last Airbender 101 with Special Guest Daniel Mertzlufft
Ep 18: Storytelling to Inspire and Give Back 101 with Nikki LaShae
Ep 17: Pride and Prejudice and Bridgerton- A Sneak Peak at Our Patreon
Ep 16: Finding Your Community 101 with Devi Morgan
Ep15: Finding Your Stage 101 with Daniel Mertzlufft
Ep 14: Lines, Veils, and Vampires 101 with Joshua Wise
Ep 13: World Building 101 with Morgan Smith
Ep 12: Celebrating the Old and Bringing in the New 101 feat. Several Special Guests
Ep 11: Escape from Evergreen Part 1-A Cause and Creation Improvised Christmas Spectacular
Ep 10: Escape from Evergreen Part 1-A Cause and Creation Improvised Christmas Spectacular
Episode 9: Female Fight Club 101 with Ellen Hollman
Episode 8: Power of Play 101 with Abby Pierce
Episode 7: Thanksgiving with the CaC Family
Episode 6: Spreading Awareness With Art 101 with Caroline Heinle
Episode 5: Jenifer's Body *Halloween Special*
Episode 4: Safe Horror 101 with Joshua Wise
Cause and Creation Ep 3: Using Art Therapeutically with Justin Andrew Davis
Cause and Creation Ep 2: Creating Your Own Space 101 with Uzunma Udeh
Cause and Creation Ep 1: Philosophy and Painful Watching 101 with Miguel Garzon Martinez
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