Pod of Love is a two-player, romance, actual play podcast. Our season two stories take place in the fictional town of Charity, Maine, where there is lots of love, but also a dark secret.
Broken: a Tragic Miniseries Episode 6
Broken: a Tragic Miniseries Episode 5
Broken: a Tragic Miniseries Episode Four
Broken: a Tragic Miniseries Episode Three
Broken: a Tragic Miniseries Episode Two
Broken: a Tragic Miniseries Episode One
Episode 143: Farewell to Charity, Maine
Episode 142: Where am I?
Episode 141: A Really Big Pipe
Episode 140: But Flo is Saltier
Episode 139: Nick Gets Salty
Episode 138: Baby Whale
Episode 137: Flo Busts In
Episode 136: Nick and Flo Break Up
Episode 135: We Left Charity
Episode 134: Remember When?
Episode 133: A Broken Love Story
Episode 132: A Bedeviled Love Story
Episode 131: PDA
Episode 130: Grub and Growlers
Episode 129: Uncle Oogie's
Episode 128: the End of the Appalachian Trail
Episode 127: Charity Case
Episode 126: Sweatpants Twins
Episode 125: Soggy Jeans
Episode 124: More Than One Missed Call
Episode 123: One Missed Call
Christmas Special 2020: The Greatest Hits of Robert Dinkle
Episode 122: The Year is 1955....And This China is Older Than My Ability To Vote Dear..
Episode 121: The Year is 2020 And This Is Sooo Not About A Penis.
Episode 120: The Year is 1955....And Frankie From The Barbershop Heard...
Episode 119: The Year is 2020 and We're #Adulting
Episode 118: The Year is 1955, The Place is Charity Maine.
Episode 117: The Year is 2020. The Place is Charity Maine
Episode 116: The Discovery of Witches Part 2 (and Decision Night in Charity)
Episode 115: The Discovery of Witches Part 1 (followed by the Great Debate)
Episode 114: Hospital Blowjob featuring Rachel Dalton
Episode 113: Your Country Thanks You For Your Service ***TRIGGER WARNING***
Episode 112: I'm The Only One Left ***Trigger Warning***
Episode 111: Shooting the Suitors (trigger warning: self harm)
Episode 110: Shooting the Peach Emoji
Episode 109: Shooting Crabman
Episode 108: Shooting The Lighthouse
Episode 107: Hey, Friends, Let's Shoot the Moon!
Episode 106: Connection Lost
Episode 105: Connection Found
Episode 104: Crabman Officiates a Wedding!
Episode 103: Crabman Comes to Dinner!
Episode 102: A Wild Crabman Appears!
Episode 101: Assume Positive Intent
Episode 100: 100 Thumbtacks, English Muffin Pizzas, and SFX for Shawn
Episode 99: The Children or the Tchotchkes
Episode 98: Welcome to Chastity, CT
Episode 97: Love Ne'er Dies: The Reunion of Sylvan White and Allison St. Cloud
Black Lives Matter Protest
Episode 95: Its Curtains for Charles and Lillian
Episode 94: Tubers and Tulips
Episode 93: Andy Joins the Party
Episode 92: Ending in Y
Episode 91: Truly, Madly, Deeply
Episode 90: Too Many Euphemisms
Episode 89: Stars over Portland
Episode 88: Limping through Portland
Episode 87: Locked Out
Episode 86: 3 Dates 3 Days
Episode 85: Is it a Mullet
Episode 84: Ell Aaayy
Episode 83: Paizza
Episode 82: I Still Like My Charity
Episode 81: Strawberry Weirdness
Episode 80: Charity 2020
Episode 79: PAX 2019 featuring Jacob Jaskov of Fog of Love
Episode 78: Voodoo Bedeviled
Episode 77: That's a Rap
Episode 76: Twenty Year Anniversary
The 12 Things at Christmas I Love in Charity
Episode 75: Code Violations
Episode 74: The Grand Opening of Ben and Tucker's
Episode 73: The Baker and the Businessman (aka Noisy Sex with Grandma)
Episode 72: A Wedding Under the Stars
Episode 71: Too Many Swedes
Episode 70: Sylvia has a Bum Bum
Episode 69: There was an Incident
Episode 68: Liberty and Sanity
Episdode 67: Welcome to the Charity Maine Federal Research Facility
Episode 66: Bedeviled
Episode 65: The Old Mill Hill
Episode 64: Falling in Love at Lou's
Episode 63: The Same Stars
Episode 62: Rocky Road to Charity
Episode 61: Welcome to Charity Maine
Episode 60: Au Revoir
Episode 59: Just 10 More to Go
Episode 58: Introducing Spaghetti Jones
Episode 57: What Relationships are Like featuring Nikki Valens
Episode 56: LGBTQ+ Fog of Love Expansion Preview Part 1 featuring Nikki Valens
Episode 55: It's His Ears LIVE
Episode 54: An Italian Funeral
Episode 53: Do What You Gonna Do
Episode 52: Finally Ghosts
Episode 51: An Italian Hospital
Episode 50: It's in the Can
Episode 49: All of Her Nickels
Episode 48: Unconditional Love
Episode 47: Too Much Singing
Episode 46: Valentine's Nightmare
Episode 45: Pasion de las Pasiones LIVE from the HEADStrong Comedy Festival
Episode 44: Reunited and It Feels So Jeff
Episode 43: The Episode that Isn't an Episode
Episode 42: Fog of Love Forever feat. Jacob Jaskov at PAX Unplugged 2018
Episode 41: The Big Kahuna featuring Jacob Jaskov at PAX Unplugged 2018 Part 1
Episode 40: Fog of Love Expansion Preview featuring Nikki Valens
Episode 39: At the Heart Point
Episode 38: Our Pasts are our Pasts
Episode 37: Too Much Shmooshing
Episode 36: It's a Quakertown Story
Episode 35: Socks are Hard
Episode 34: Spooky Special 2018
Episode 33: Romance: Accomplished!
Episode 32: Mission Romance
Episode 31: A Family, a City, a World of Love
Episode 30: Part Trois
Episode 29: I'll Give You a Schvegg
Episode 28: So Much More
Episode 27: Married Life
Episode 26: On a White Sand Mountain
Episode 25: Tony Bologna Books and Sundries
Episode 24: A Ghostly Interlude
Episode 23: Consent for Ghosts
Episode 22: Engaging in Demonstrative Affection
Episode 21: Butterflies
Episode 20: Christian and Stephen are Back for Reals
Episode 19: Bi-ceps or Tryceps
Episode 18: It Started with Hey
Episode 17: Who Listens to These?
Episode 16: How It Should Be
Episode 15: Christmas Remote Cabin Triple Rainbow
Episode 14: Pride and Prejudice
Episode 13: Darkness, Complete
Episode 12: The Darkness Itself
Episode 11: Two Ladies No Babies?
Episode 10: Two Ladies No Babies Part 2
Episode 9: Two Ladies No Babies
Episode 8: Lovestruck for Star Crossed! featuring Alex Roberts
Episode 7: Beneath the Veil featuring Star Crossed
Episode 6: Jim Squared Part 3 People Like Us
Episode 5: Jim Squared Part 2 the Jim Jam
Episode 4: Jim Squared Part 1
Episode 3: Bad Omen Part 2
Episode 2: Bad Omen Part 1
Episode 1: Duet
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Broken: a Tragic Romance Game
Ben and Mel play test their new game "Broken: a Tragic Romance Game." This is a narrative, duet tabletop rpg. The first arc tells the story of two characters, Nick and Flo, getting divorced.
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