An actual play RPG show where we create a new world and play games in it using a combination of different systems.
Episode 33: The Seal
Episode 32: Into the Church
Episode 31: The River
Episode 30: The Diary
Episode 29: A Car Ride
Episode 28: The Cabin
Episode 27: Welcome to Weeping Cedars
Episode 26: New Phone, Who Dis?
Episode 25: Just to Make Things Weird
Episode 24: Quote Unquote Wood
Episode 23: Make Quick Feet
Episode 22: If It Doesn't Feel Right, Let's Boogie
Episode 21: Even in a Magic House
Episode 20: Harold and Emil Find a Mill
Episode 19: Harold and Emil Go to the Bonemill
Episode 18: How to Play English Eerie
Episode 17: The Broken Altar
Episode 16: Something Here Knew My Name
Pod of Love Crossover: the Darkness Itself
Pod of Love Crossover: Darkness, Complete
Episode 15: You'll Ruin Us for Eternity
Episode 14: So Much for the Light of Helia
Episode 13: Dis Curse You
Episode 12: No Hostility
A Very Special Announcement
Episode 11: The Maw of Dis
Episode 10: Helia is With Us, Surely
Episode 9: The Most Divine Wet Willie
Episode 8: The Feet of Dis
Episode 7: Where the Green Comes From
Episode 6: The Pillar of Light
Episode 5: I Am the Law
Episode 4: Sweet Fish
Episode 3: It Was Everyone's Fault
Episode 2: The Ever Burning Bone Mill
Episode 1: A New Start
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Weeping Cedars Prequel
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