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Ep:25 Comics with Will Radford
Join Meghan and Janelle as they discuss mysteries and Bo Burnam's new special Inside and then new upcoming comic Pocus Hocus, movie reviews, and spreading art in communities with special guest Will Radford
90: Vaesen 7 - A Comfortable Train Ride
We spend a relaxing train ride on the way to the town of Sött Vatten.
89: Vaesn 6 - Research
Our investigators have a terse conversation and then make their way to their waiting castle for a good old-fashioned research montage.
88: Vasen 5 - Torgen
Our investigators take a humorous moment to confront the young Lumberjack, Torgen Nillson.
87: Vaesen 4 - The Johannsen Home
Our investigators visit Eva Johannsen's home. There they interview the 17-year-old girl's parents.
86: Vasen 3 - A Flat House
Our investigators explore the place where Eva Johannsen Died.
85: Vaesen 2 - The Office
Our heroes investigate the Magistrate's Office.
12: Exploring Barovia Village
The gang fights a vampire.
Episode 65: The End
Our group concludes their vacation at Horror Beach.
Ep 64: Flare Gun
Our team makes their way to a boat as a crowd closes in.
Episode 63: Catholic Church
Our heroes head for a church.
Ep 61: The Tall Man
Our heroes encounter the horror that has come to Honor Beach.
Episode 62: ACAV
Our heroes have an encounter in the alley behind the Police Station.
Ep 60: Toward Danger
Our heroes leave home and head toward danger.
Whispers 16: The Heart of It All
Going to where Rachel Died.
Whispers 15: Smoke
The town burns.
Whispers 14: A Library
Amanda relates a dream about a library.
Whispers 13: Ikandaset Campus
A call from Amanda at Ikandaset College
Episode 116: The Discovery of Witches Part 2 (and Decision Night in Charity)
It's part two of our Halloween special featuring Kevin Gallagher of the Everything is Awesome podcast. He takes over to play single-player RPG Discovery of Witches and to tell a story from the very early days of Charity, Maine. In 2020 Charity, it is decision night as Charitians cast their ballots for the next Grand Earl, and the results are IN!
Whispers 12
Something in the street.
News At Night For October 29, 2020
KWPN News At Night For October 29, 2020
Episode 115: The Discovery of Witches Part 1 (followed by the Great Debate)
Welcome to the first of our two-part Halloween spectacular. Kevin Gallagher of the Everything is Awesome podcast takes over to tell a story from the very early days of Charity, Maine. At around the 29 minute mark we experience together the much anticipated debate for the next Grand Earl.
Episode 43: So Many Threads
We finish up our second season with a theory and a surprise.
News at Night for October 22, 2020
KWPN News at Night for October 22, 2020
Whispers 11
A woman in the street.
Episode 41: The Circle
We explore the history and purpose of the community group known as The Circle.
Ep 51: Wet T-Shirt Contest
Our heroes head to a bar where a wet t-shirt content takes place.
News at Night for October 15, 2020
KWPN News at Night for October 15, 2020
Whispers 10
A Dream Fulfilled
Episode 113: Your Country Thanks You For Your Service ***TRIGGER WARNING***
Please note this audio is for individuals with Level 5 clearance only. It is imperative that you do not share this information with the public or those with lower clearance levels. It is your duty to listen responsibly as this audio file does contain violence, physical and emotional trauma, and a high level of tension and immersion. It is also your duty as a citizen to vote. Please listen to these promotional materials from each Grand Earl candidate to help you make an informed decision. We know you will make the right choice.....We're counting on you solider.
Episode 50: Beach Fight
Our "heroes" find themselves on the beach as it starts to get more crowded.
Episode 39: A List
We finally explain how we got our documents back.
News at Night for October 8, 2020
News at Night for October 8, 2020
Whispers 9
A King of Infinite Space
Episode 37: A History of Commerce
Our documentary team looks at the history of businesses in Weeping Cedars.
Episode 49: Musrhoom Pizza
Now that they have arrived at Honor Beach, our heroes split up to enjoy the Jersey Shore.
News at Night for October 1, 2020
News at Night for October 1, 2020
Whispers 8
it was the coolest thing...
Episode 48: The Back of the Truck
Our heroes head down to Honor Beach to have one last weekend blowout before school starts again.
Episode 35: Dr. Fryling's Traveling Amusements
We discuss the Traveling Circus that came to Weeping Cedars through most of the 20th century.
News at Night for September 24, 2020
KWPN News at Night for September 24, 2020
Episode 47: Creation Complete!
This episode we finish up character creation and get ready to start playing next time. Which is why this is a bonus episode...
Whispers 7
Everyone has the same dream.
TWDOYL: Episode 3 - Skills
Episode 3 is full of more character creation as we get closer to actually playing!
Episode 33: Nicola Moldonato
We delve into the tragic events surrounding the death of Nicola Moldonatto in 1908.
Ep 32: News at Night for September 17, 2020
News at Night for September 17, 2020
Whispers 6
Linds describes a public altercation.
Episode 31: The Shale Pond Miners
Our team looks into the deaths of five miners and a family in the 19th century.
The Worst Days of Your Life 2: More Character Creation
We continue with character creation and learn more about the rules of TWDOYL.
Ep 30: KWPN News For September 10, 2020
KWPN News at Night for September 10, 2020
Whispers 5
It's quiet.
Episode 29: The Iberhall Murders
Our hosts discuss the terrible events of October 12, 1978
TWDOYL 1: A New System
We start character creation in a new system developed by our own Joshua Wise.
Ep 28: News at night for Sept 3, 2020
KWPN News at Night for Sept 3, 2020
Whispers 4
The Rain Keeps Falling
Episode 27: The Monuments
Our team explores the second date listed on the monument in the Burned Acre.
Whispers 3: Part 2
Linds gets in touch with Tay.
Whispers 3: What did you do?
Episode 25: The Flowerfield House
Our team examines the history of Weeping Cedars' one charitable organization.
Ep 24: KWPN News at night for August 20, 2020
Emma reports on two missing persons in Weeping Cedars.
Whispers 2: A Church
Linds tells Tay about a dream about a church.
Episode 23: The Chained Man
The Historical Society delves into the legend of the chained man seeking connections with Weeping Cedars' history.
Ep 22: KWPN News at night for August 13, 2020
Emma delivers news about Ikandaset College and answers your questions.
Whispers 1: Linds
Linds leaves a message for her friend Tay.
Episode 21: Ikandaset Games
We start our second season by delving into the history of a small text-adventure gaming company called Ikandaset Games.
Season 2 Introduction
Lee Mitchell returns with a message before season 2 begins. Starring Laurel Johnson as Lee Mitchell.
Deadlands Episode 5: The Adversary Walketh About
We continue our exploration of the Weird West and investigation into the town of Desolation Water. After spending a lot of time jawin’ up the local waterin' hole, Jasper and Tabitha investigate the austere Abernathy estate where they run into a surprising gathering. John decides to head back to the graveyard to see what he can dig up.
Deadlands Episode 4: Talking in a Bar
Our crew continues investigating the town of Desolation Water and the surprising death of the local Catholic priest, Fr. Borja Rodriguez. After a scuffle in the street, they finally confront the Sheriff. Then there is a lot of talking in a bar. Like....a lot.
Episode 17: Invasion!
Our heroes go from trouble to trouble as they try to figure out what's happening in their small town.<br><br>Leave a comment below!
Episode 96: Hako Onna
Chris and Josh discuss the Wiz Kids English release of the Japanese game Hako Onna, an asymmetrical horror game set in a haunted house. <br /><br />Leave a comment below!
Episode 14: The Hunt
Our Alien RPG series comes to its conclusion as the crew tries to track and kill the creature stalking the Cronos. Who will survive? Will the androids betray the humans? You can only find out in the exciting conclusion of the Alien RPG. <br /><br />Leave a comment below!
Episode 13: The Exposition Strikes Back
The remaining crew of the Montenero has dealt with deadly aliens. They are now getting embroiled for the first time in something far worse... corporate espionage. <br /><br />Leave a comment below!
Episode 11: Long Arms
Things get worse for our space trucking adventurers!<br /><br />Leave a comment below!
Ep 20: News at Night for Nov 21, 2019
KWPN Local news at night for November 21, 2019
Ep19: First Order Questions
Lee and Riley come to the end of their first season of episodes, and ask the question, "What have we learned?"
Episode 10: Alien - The Deepest of Space
Our heroes encounter their first gory example of the dangers of deepest space.<br /><br />Leave a comment below!
Ep 18: KWPN News at Night for November 14, 2019
KWPN Local news at night for November 14, 2019
Ep 17: The Book of the Witch
Lee and Riley consider a strange text printed in the early days of the 19th century called "The Book of the Witch."
Ep 16: News at Night for November 7, 2019
KWPN Local news at night for October 31, 2019
Episode 69: There was an Incident
That's right, lovelies, its the sexiest episode of them all! Actually it is not. This episode is very dark, with elements of horror and even torture in the intro. Hear the shocking conclusion to Christopher and Heather's story. There is an incident. Ben and Mel also celebrate the 69th episode the only way they know how. Make sure you listen all the way to the end of this episode, you will not want to miss it. Theme song by Joe Marston.<br /><br />Leave a comment below!
Ep 15: Schoolhouse Park
Riley and Lee explore the many strange events that have centered on Schoolhouse Park in Weeping Cedars.
Episode 9: Alien RPG Preview
We begin a new adventure with Free League's Alien RPG preview adventure, Chariot of the Gods.<br /><br />Leave a comment below!
Ep 14: KWPN News at Night for October 31, 2019
KWPN Local news at night for October 31, 2019
Ep 13: A History of Loss
Lee and Riley take a look back at three lives in Weeping Cedars: A concerned citizen, a Russian immigrant, and a young girl in the late 19th Century.
Ep 11: The House
Lee and Riley take a look at the Ikandaset Center for Mental Wellness and its long history.
Ep 10: News at Night for October 17, 2019
Local News for October 17, 2019
Ep 9: The Legend of Theresa Glinn
Lee and Riley look into the strange legend of Theresa Glinn.
Ep 8: News at Night for October 10, 2019
Weeping Cedars News at Night for October 10, 2019 from KWPN.
Ep 7: Stone Mill
This week Riley and Lee look into the history of the town of Stone Mill, a settlement that may have preceded Weeping Cedars.
Ep 6: News At Night for October 3, 2019
Weeping Cedars Local News at Night for October 3, 2019.
Ep 5: He Is Hungry
This week we look into the Ikandaset River and its strained relationship with the town of Weeping Cedars.
Ep 4: News At Night For September 26, 2019
KWPN News for Thursday, September 26, 2019.
Ep 3: The Burned Acre
Riley and Lee share what they've found about the section of Weeping Cedars known as "The Burned Acre."
Ep 2: News At Night For September 19, 2019
KWPN brings you news for September 19!
Ep 1: The Riot
Lee and Riley begin looking into the strange history of the town of Weeping Cedars.